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Language program Camp America is a unique opportunity for pupils to dive into American culture and get incomparable studying and communication experience with native English speakers in Ukraine.



Camp teachers are native speakers and graduates of top US Universities, including Yale and Columbia Universities.

A unique opportunity for campers to participate in TEG’s Washington Business & Diplomacy Leadership Academy, including live Skype teleconferences with professionals in Washington and New York who lead mini-seminars: “basic budget building and financial planning” from a financial analyst, “world events and diplomacy” from a US Ambassador, “following the news” from an NBC News journalist, “service in our communities” from a civil society activist, and “starting a business” from a real estate developer/entrepreneur.

We invite students from Ukraine and the Ukrainian diaspora attend. In 2016, our diaspora students came from the US, UK, and UAE.

Learn the basics of TV, Internet and print media following the example of the leading NBC News channel. Classes are led by a New York and London NBC News former journalist and include lectures and practical workshops: writing texts, public speaking, interviewing, investigating the news.

Various sports and cultural classes are conducted in English and extend vocabulary and areas of interest: sports activity, documentary and feature films of American cinematography, theater performances, afternoon tea, music, yoga and gymnastic, crafts, etc.

Our territory is a cozy hotel-complex with high quality and varied cuisine.

Children have an opportunity to dive into a 24/7 English environment, spending their holidays with pleasure and better learning the beauty of their great country while getting inspired for the next school semester!


Thank you, we’re happy. I’ve been to “the best” Ukrainian camp, but it appeared to be by far not as good as Camp America. At Camp America it is way easier to wake up and more fun to fall asleep; another thing I liked is that you don’t have to sleep during the quiet time. Camp America is full of different activities including the English classes. We will definitely take part in all the Camp America events. Love.
[Timur Rychkov and his mom Tatyana Rychkova (12.08.2015)]

I am very grateful to all of the Camp America team for the opportunity for my son to plunge into American culture and ‬‬‬‪spend time in the Carpathians with pleasure and benefit. For my son it was the first memorable experience to learn English‬‬‬‬ ‪with native speakers. He came home with the idea to learn the language better and better, because next Camp America he wants ‬‬‬‬to communicate freely with the USA teachers. Danil fell in love with American traditions and holidays and requires that our family ‬‬‬‬also should celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving. In general, for me as the mother of the camper, the best result is a happy ‬‬‬‬‪and inspired child. ‬‬‬‬‪Thank you one more time. See you at next Camp America!‬‬‬‬
[Katerina and Daniel Tkachenko. (12.08.2015.)]

Sometimes it happens so in life that you appear in different wonderful world for a while. The only thing you understand after coming back is that you’ll never be the same again.[Camper Kiril Pryhodko (11.08. 2015.)]

We really liked the camp despite the fact, that it was the first time we have gone to a camp and been away from each other for such a long time. We would like to emphasize that the activities program was organized very well, the location was a really picturesque spot in the Carpathians and the staff were professionals. We would also like to add, that your camp is really unique. We will join you in the winter holidays. Best wishes [Nina Pashchenko and her son Alexandr. (15.08.2015.)]


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